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Charlize is an actor, creator, and visionary based in Boston.

In the past few years, Charlize has discovered their love for collaborative art forms. Whether it be new works, devised pieces, or reimaginings of existing material, Charlize will embrace the artistic process and feed new thoughts and ideas into the space.

As an actor, Charlize's love for comedy shines through in the improv-heavy, interactive musical, Toothy's Treasure that they starred in by

Brayden Martino and John William-Gambrell that premiered Off-Broadway in January 2023.

With their work they want to use the collaborative process to highlight the truth of the human experience by taking in all of the voices in the room and uplifting those that are normally left behind.

Charlize is eager to bring a fresh brain into any room regarding new projects and collaborative work, so if that is something you're looking for then 

CLICK HERE to contact them and they will look forward to speaking with you!

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